Saturday, October 27, 2012

How to make Windows 8 Act & Look like Windows 7

Given that Windows 7 is or was almost perfect (for a Microsoft product), now a new version of Windows is threatening to kill productivity for businesses until they "figure out" how to interact with Windows 8. It is aimed more at the Consumer than Business professional. Works best with a multi-touch touchscreen or trackpad, both of which are not found plentiful in the wild at the moment.  Give it 6 months or so for the hardware to catch up. Until then stick with Windows 7 or modify Windows 8 per the article below.

The folks at CNET UK have published a great article on how to transform Windows 8 into looking and acting like Windows 7.  Some of the "tweaks" require some technical expertise, so it may not be for casual Windows users to try and install.  Read more here.

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