Sunday, November 15, 2015

Easy to do Solutions to Common Smartphone Usage Issues

Simplify Your Life Week Tangle Tamers

Share & BookmarkDuring National Simplify Your Life Week, you might think to yourself, I already have the latest, greatest, does-it-all device! It keeps me connected to all the people, music, games and other media I love in the palm of my hand, and my straightforward Straight Talk plan is as simple as it gets.

But one thing we could all use help with is keeping our device chargers, earbuds, and other digital paraphernalia under wraps. Cords get lost, knotted and generally worn out as we fumble to keep our batteries full while living life (and using our phones) to the fullest.

We decided to bring you simple, practical solutions to this everyday problem, using just a little ingenuity, a few office and household supplies, and the wisdom of the world wide web. We hope you find our Tangle Tamers useful!

1. Outlet Caddy
You may need the juice, but you don’t need to put your phone on the floor. 
Get directions via How About Orange.

2. Binder Clip Earbud Reel
You may be able to go paperless, but it’s a mess to go clipless. Get more binder clip organization inspiration via Live Simply by Annie

3. Cassette Case Phone Stand
Never let your phone just sit there. Prop it up properly. 
Get directions via Life Currents.

4. Gift Card Phone Stand
Fold up a used gift card for another easy stand. 
Get Directions via Decorating Your Small Space.

5. Ribbon Box Charging Station
If you’re over your ribbon-organizing phase, use the box to create a super organized charging station. Get directions via All You.

6. Tube Sock Armband
Don’t get tripped up by your earbuds while you’re working out. 
Get directions via CNET.

What Tangle Tamer do you use to simplify your life? Share in the comments or on our social channels! Talk Blog

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Asus ZenWatch Smartwatch

Received as a Christmas present, I have been wearing this watch ever since.  Did I really need a Smartwatch?  I didn't think so at the time, but I'm really finding that it comes in handy for finding out why my phone is vibrating without having to take it out of my pocket.  It also shows me notifications while driving as I almost always have the Waze GPS app running on my phone.

There have been probably three or four updates to Android Wear since I've gotten it.  It keeps getting better and better.  Setting new watch faces was a challenge early on as you had to deal with separate apps for each watch face.  This has been consolidated in Android Wear.  There are still a few that haven't updated their app, but they should get to it eventually.

I keep the display always on so I can see the time and last notification.  It displays in a dim monochromatic way.  When the watch is "woken up" I get the full color display and notifications.  Battery life has been GREAT! I go through my normal day and still have over 50% battery life available.  I hear Moto 360 owners aren't so lucky.

More thoughts will be forthcoming...